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Bollywood Trailers


Follows six murder case suspects who get kidnapped and an officer's quest to find the truth.

A barber seeks vengeance after his home is burglarized, cryptically telling police his "lakshmi" has been taken, leaving them uncertain if it's a person or object. His quest to recover the elusive "lakshmi" unfolds.
A Road to a Village

A road constructed in a village brings development, opportunities but at some cost.
Teriya Meriya Hera Pheriyan

Lucky is a young taxi driver whose dream of moving to the UK is thwarted by financial constraints. When he falls for Paali, whose father proposes a fake marriage to facilitate her UK immigration, Lucky agrees, hoping to win her love
Ishq Vishk Rebound

Follows the lives of four young people who become enmeshed in a web of friendship, love, and self-discovery.

A kashmiri boy who in difficult circumstances as a child is forced to leave his home in IOK with his elder brother and come to AJK. Zara who comes to visit Kashmir force him to come to Lahore where he got mistakenly kidnapped.

In his quest for an honest fortune to provide for his sister's marriage and a future in the corrupt Janatha city, a truthful common man- Kotee defies the powerful gang leader Dinoo Saavkaar. When Kotee's defiance leads to mounting debts, he faces a life-altering choice to Eliminate Or be Eliminated.
Mr. Shudai

A suicidal man possessed by four ghosts is forced grant their wishes, and in the process, his own wish of having a family comes to life.
Umro Ayyar - A New Beginning

UmroAyyar: A New Beginning is an upcoming Pakistani fantasy film based on the classical Urdu-Persian novel Hamzanama's character, Umro Ayyar, a thief and legend warrior of Tilism-e-Hoshruba.
Kalki 2898 AD

A modern-day avatar of Vishnu, a Hindu god, who is believed to have descended to earth to protect the world from evil forces.