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'I was actively seeking to play a positive role': Rohit Choudhary on 'Dalchini'

Author : IANS

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Mumbai, Nov 28 (IANS) Actor Rohit Choudhary, who is a part of the show 'Dalchini' opened up on the experience of shooting for the same, and said how he was actively seeking an opportunity to play a positive role.

Rohit said he is happy to be a part of 'Dalchini'.

Talking about the shoot, Rohit said: "The experience has been truly wonderful. It's going really well because I always had a desire to portray a positive character. I was actively seeking an opportunity to play a positive role, and now that I have it, things are going exceptionally well. When you play a negative character, you have to change yourself completely."

"In such roles, you might not connect with half of what you're doing, and there's a constant need to act. However, in this positive character, I find a deep connection. Many things that I say align with my character, and when we deliver dialogues and perform, it comes from the heart. It feels great to know that it has been conveyed well and touched the heart," he shared.

Rohit said: "That's why I love this character. I'm truly enjoying shooting for this show, and while the biggest learning from this set is just starting, I haven't encountered any specific significant lessons yet."

On his bonding with the co-stars, Rohit said: "On the set, the entire cast is truly amazing, and everyone is nice. I feel a strong bond with everyone, including mom, Dalchini, Kala, my brother, and the uncles who are part of the show."

"I also have a cast member from my last show, Swarnagadh, who plays Chachi in this show. I've known her since the Last show. When it comes to bonding, I can't choose just one person because I connect well with everyone. Whether it's my 'brother' Deepak or anyone else, I have great bonding with everyone because they are all really nice. Whenever I have the time, I make sure to spend it with everyone on the set," he added.

The show is produced by Ravie Dubey and Sargun Mehta, and will soon air on Dangal TV.



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