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Historical Event on 10/16/1906

Shankar Damodar Chitale, famous author and teacher, was born in Secundarabad.

Other Historical Dates and Events
4/16/1848Kandukuri Veeresalingam, Telegu author and social reformer, was born in Andhra Pradesh.
11/6/1910Satakopan Chandilyan Bhashyam, journalist, was born at Tirukkoilur, Madras.
11/6/1910Ruknud-din Firuz Shah, son of Emperor Iltutmish, was assassinated.
2/27/1912Vishnu Waman Shirwadkar 'Kusumagraj', great Marathi poet, play-wright, novelist and Bhartiya Gyanpeeth Awardee, was born.
1/26/1957Shivlal Nandlal Yadav, cricketer (Indian off-spinner 102 Test wickets 1979-87), was born in Hyderabad.
10/2/1845First Shipping Company of India started.
3/3/1997Bill Gates, Microsoft Chairman, arrives in New Delhi.
2/10/1916Revolutionary Sohanlal Pathak hanged.
11/5/1990Janata Dal splits. The breakaway group claims support of 58 M.P.'s to elect Mr. Chandrashekhar as leader. V.P. Singh's government loses confidence motion in the Lok Sabha.
3/29/1989Central Institute of Fisheries Education gets the distinction of becoming the first Fisheries University in India.