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Historical Event on 11/25/1992

Mamata Banerjee, Union Minister of State for Sports, resigns to fight Bengal CPM.

Other Historical Dates and Events
10/27/1947Indian Governments accepts King of Jammu and Kashmir Maharaja Harisingh's accession merging Jammu and Kashmir in India and sends its troops. Accession of Jammu and Kashmir was then officially announced. No. 12 Sqn was to initiate the remarkable feat of air-lifting the first Sikhs from Palam onto the rough and dusty Srinagar airstrip without planning or reconnaissance as the initial Indian response to the sizeable insurgent forces that were pouring across the border into Jammu and Kashmir.
4/4/1994Ravi Naik, Goa CM, resigns.
9/24/1921Dr. Sakharam Gangadhar Malshe, researcher and critic, was born.
6/1/1959National Aeronautical Research Laboratory (NARL) set up under CSIR with temporary offices in New Delhi. Dr. P. Nilakantan is appointed NARL's first Director.
4/1/1869Income Tax was imposed. On the same day New Indian Divorce Act came into operation.
12/31/1965Sivaramakrishan Laxman, right-hand batsman and leg break bowler, was born in Madras.
4/9/1695Waman Pandit, famous pandit poet, took samadhee at Bhogav.
1/16/2000P. Moses, Indian High Commission Staff member, badly beaten up and abducted by Pakistani intelligence operators in Islamabad.
11/11/1921Gandhi urges Hindus to remove statue of ex-Viceroy Lord Lawrence.
4/16/1848Kandukuri Veeresalingam, Telegu author and social reformer, was born in Andhra Pradesh.