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Historical Event on 8/1/1952

Yajurvindra Singh Jaswant Singh, cricketer (Indian batsman four Tests 1977-79), was born in Rajkot.

Other Historical Dates and Events
1/9/1889Dr. Vrindavanlal Varma, famous Hindi writer and social reformer, was born in Jhansi. He mainly wrote historical and social novels, most famouse being ""Mriganainee"".
5/4/1849Jyotirindranath Tagore, Bengali litterateur and poet, was born.
5/4/1849Pieter de Carpentier, flemish Governor General of Dutch East-Indies, was born.
5/7/1993Jankiraman panel's final report finds that an additional aggregate of Rs. 12,85,549 crore was transacted in banks without any documentation; it indicts 12 more banks for involving in the scam.
9/3/1983U.S. Census reports world population at 4.72 billion. China has 1.05 billion and India 731 million.
11/6/1913Mohandas K. Gandhi, leader of Indian Passive Resistance Movement, was arrested for leading Indian miners march in South Africa by British troops.
8/10/1855Alladiya Khan, famous singer of Kolhapur court, was born.
1/23/1978The motto ""Shastra se Shakti"" (Strength though arms) in Hindi written in Devengiri script was approved by the President of India as the motto of the Army Ordnance Corps.The original corps motto of the Ordnance corps was ""Usa Tela Tananti"" found in the arms of the board of Ordnance. This was translated to mean ""To the thunder his arms"". The corps song titled ""Ayudh Corps Mahan"" was introduced for the first time in 4th re-union of the Army Ordnance Corps. The song is to be played or sung ""within unit lines only"", during purely Regimental functions.
3/18/1998A.B. Vajpayee, the Prime Minister-designate, releases the 'national agenda for governance' in New Delhi. It is silent on the Ram temple issue, scrapping of Article 370 and a uniform civil code.
12/6/2000Bishop Vinod Peter, National Christian Council of India president and church of North India moderator, and Rajasthan CNI Bishop Gerald Andrews die in a car accident near Jodhpur in Rajasthan.