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Historical Event on 11/17/1932

The Third Round Table Conference began in London. It was not attended by the Congress as the real Indian participation in the making of the constitution was negligible. Since Gandhi was in prison because of his civil disobedience movement he could not attend it either. This conference ended on 24th November 1932 without achieving anything.

Other Historical Dates and Events
4/10/1997Bill Gates, Chairman and CEO of Microsoft, announces Rs. 2.5 crore aid to Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Gandhi Institute of Computer Education and Information Technology, Mumbai.
8/29/1984Indian Airlines Boeing 737 with 68 passengers and a crew of 6 hijacked in Lahore.
12/28/1885Allian Octavian Hume, a Scotsman, founded National Union and it held its first meeting in Bombay Tejpal Hall. The first session of Indian National Congress started under the Presidentship of Vyomesh Chandra Banerjee.
1/23/1977Janata Party was formed. Congress Sangathan, Jansangh, Bhartiya Lokdal and Samajwadi Party decided to merge and create Janata Party.
9/26/1992Indian Airlines hike fare by 9 percent.
11/5/1931M. G. Subramaniam, cricket test umpire for 2 tests from 1983-84, was born in Karnataka.
7/13/1905Gandhiji opposes Bengal Partition, supports boycott of British goods. During Gokhale Lajpat Rai's deputation to Britain, he appeals to Colonial statesmen to treat India ""an integral part of the Empire"" with consideration. Sanjeevan, weekly from Calcutta, also raised the motto to boycott British Goods.
4/17/1997Biju Patnaik, 81, Janata Dal leader and important personality in Orissa politics, died.
4/1/1935The Reserve Bank of India was established as a Central Bank and the job of issuing notes was entrusted to this bank. The Commissioner's office which issued currency was abolished and was substituted by the Governer of the RBI. The issue offices scattered around the country came to be called as the regional offices of the Reserve Bank.
10/19/1689Sambhaji's queen Yesubai and her child surrendered the Raigarh Fort to the Mughals.