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Historical Event on 11/10/1992

Attorney General G. Ramaswamy, under cloud for his dealings with Standard Chartered Bank, resigns.

Other Historical Dates and Events
11/6/1988The graduated use of force finally compelled the rebels to surrender and the personnel of Godavari then took over. When psychological pressure did not succeed, warning shots were fired by both the naval ships.
5/23/1996Joint Opposition candidate Purno A. Sangma (Cong. MP from Meghalaya) unanimously elected Speaker of 11th Lok Sabha.
3/23/199710 Dalits killed in Kab village of Bihar by Ranbir Sena, a pro-landlord extremist organisation.
3/23/1997The first ship of the Dutch East India Company returned from Far East.
2/19/1922Beant Singh, former Chief Minister of Punjab and politician, was born. He played a vital role in supressing terrorist activities in Punjab.
2/5/1991The last of 1.2 lakh Indians in Kuwait manage to return to India.
2/1/1922Gandhiji gives notice to the Viceroy Lord Reading during Bardoli movement to inform him that he was intensifying his action and non-cooperation was to be escalated to Civil Disobedience.
1/19/1910Vinayak Damodar Karnaki (Master Vinayak), famous Marathi actor, director and producer, was born.
12/12/2000J.H. Patel, (71), senior Janata Dal (U) leader and former Karnataka Chief Minister, died in Bangalore.
9/29/1994Gulf nations suspend Indian flights on account of plague epidemic.