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Historical Event on 4/4/1994

Ravi Naik, Goa CM, resigns.

Other Historical Dates and Events
8/1/1996T. S. R. Subramaniam was appointed as the Cabinet Secretary of India. He held this office till 31-03-1998.
1/22/1901Queen Victoria (1819-1901) passed away at Osborne House, Isle of Wight, South England, after a brief illness. She had been throned for almost 64 years, which is the longest reign in British history. She had given her name to an age ""Victorian Britain"".
7/9/1875The Bombay Stock Exchange, the first in India, was constructed under the shade of a large banyan tree.
2/21/1899Suryakant Tripathi `Nirala', famous Hindi poet, was born.
9/22/1999Former Test all-rounder Chandu Borde was re-appointed chairman of National Selection Committee on Day two of the BCCI AGM in Jaipur.
1/7/1993The union govt. acquires 67.703 acres of land in and around the disputed area at Ayodhya and refers the issue to the Supreme Court.
5/12/1995India refused to sign NPT in its present discriminatory form.
5/12/1995Badauni Abdul Kadir, famous Muslim historian, was born.
11/29/1962Haryana achieved their target of supplying electricity to 100\% villages.
5/7/195081 people died in a rail crash at Patna. A sabotage was suspected.