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Historical Event on 11/7/1958

Nehru said the role of Gen. Mohammed Ayub Khan in Pakistan had increased the 'risk and danger of war' between India and Pakistan.

Other Historical Dates and Events
3/7/1647Guru Dadaji Konddev, master of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, died.
5/28/1989Kerala diocese of Marathakavalli was the first Christian priest in India.
2/13/1922The Indian National Congress suspends its civil disobedience campaign in the face of mounting violence.
8/1/1931Bhairabh Ganguly, cricket test umpire for 5 tests from 1981-85, was born at Bengal.
8/26/1874Ishwar Sharan Munshi, politician and philosopher, was born.
7/12/1957Sahajada Karim became Aga Khan.
2/11/1933First edition of weekly ""Harijan"" edited by Mahatma Gandhi was published from Pune in English and Hindi.
1/1/1994Hindu Heritage Endowment, first Hindu international trust, was founded by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami.
12/21/1990Former Union Finance Secretary S. Venkatramanan appointed Governor of RBI. B. Rachaiah and Dr. Sarup Singh sworn in as Governors of Kerala and Gujarat respectively.
2/19/1994IRBM Agni Missile test fired successfully for the third time.