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Historical Event on 12/31/1965

Sivaramakrishan Laxman, right-hand batsman and leg break bowler, was born in Madras.

Other Historical Dates and Events
5/23/1996Joint Opposition candidate Purno A. Sangma (Cong. MP from Meghalaya) unanimously elected Speaker of 11th Lok Sabha.
2/27/1931Chandrashekhar Azad of Hindustan Republican Army shot himself to avoid British police arrest at Alfred Park, Allahabad.
9/4/1947Gandhiji breaks fast.
9/13/1996Lok Pal Bill introduced in Lok Sabha.
12/4/1999Uman J. Shah is sworn in West Bengal Governor.
10/16/1906Shankar Damodar Chitale, famous author and teacher, was born in Secundarabad.
11/17/1932The Third Round Table Conference began in London. It was not attended by the Congress as the real Indian participation in the making of the constitution was negligible. Since Gandhi was in prison because of his civil disobedience movement he could not attend it either. This conference ended on 24th November 1932 without achieving anything.
12/15/1988Landslide victory for GNLF in Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council elections.
2/21/1993Naxals free Andhra Pradesh Congress (I) MLA P.Balaraju and a govt. official after 22 days in captivity.
12/16/1770Ludwig Van Beethoven, greatest musician, poet and innovator, was born.